Watkins Glen State Park

May 31, 2020  •  7 Comments

Watkins Glen State Park is in the village of Watkins Glen, New York.  The glen's stream, Glen Creek,  descends 400 feet past 200-foot cliffs, with the Gorge Trail next to the stream running over, under and along the park's 19 waterfalls by way of stone bridges and more than 800 stone steps.  This photo was taken on a very rainy October day in 2016.  I climbed all the way to the top and took a bus back down.  Anna stayed at the bottom and made it up the first 3 staircases.
Canon 7D, Tamron [email protected], 1/[email protected], ISO 400.


Ray Van Houtte(non-registered)
This park is quite near my home town. I go there often (even these days). The walk and bridges were created by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the depression. The gorge is the result of the glaciation during the ice age.
Jane Russo(non-registered)
Just beautiful!! So nice to see in these darker days! Jane
Beautiful. Maybe you and Anna should get a summer home in a wooded area. That’s what Gloria and I are looking for in Washington state.
CHARLES DEXTER(non-registered)
Beautiful photo and place! Even when it was raining! I love the leaves scattered all over the place.
Gene Brown(non-registered)
Nice shot. And for me, evocative of a place I visited in 1981.
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