The Oculus

May 17, 2020  •  6 Comments

The Oculus in NYC is an artistic landmark located within walking distance of the World Trade Center. The transit hub, serving the PATH, cost four billion dollars, making it the most expensive train stop in the world. With its sleek and modern design, it immediately became an attraction in Lower Manhattan.

I usually prefer color in my photos but this one is more design than content and I felt the color was distracting.  

Canon 5Dmarkiii, tamron [email protected], 1/125 [email protected], iso 800.

Photo from October 2018 before social distancing.


Nolan H Rhodes(non-registered)
It won't be long before we see the place full of people again. (SAFELY I HOPE)
Gene Brown(non-registered)
Harvey, I think the design is the content - and very good at that. Nice job!
Richard Gold(non-registered)
On second thought, I think that if you removed the six people standing on the right and coned in more tightly on the right and less tightly on top and left, you might have a nice compo that echoed 'a place for everyone and everyone in their place.'
Ruth Rogers(non-registered)
I really like this shot, Harvey. Hope all's well.
Very good, Harvey. And very different from one taken at the Oculus at ground by Don C. & posted yesterday on

I was immediately struck by the fact that many people don't seem to be social distancing......
What is our generation to make - or do - about that??

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