Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

April 19, 2020  •  5 Comments

Located in Glen Rose, Texas the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is dedicated to the conservation of species in peril, conducting scientific research, training of professionals, responsible management of natural resources and public education. This ostrich stuck his head into the jeep in which we were riding.  You can see my reflection in his eye. 

October 2009, Canon 40D, Canon 70-300 lens @168mm, 1/[email protected], iso 500.


Nolan H. Rhodes(non-registered)
I just saw this Ostrich crossing fifth avenue today.... Nice capture
Beautiful! I love that place!
Gene Brown(non-registered)
Wonderful shnazola on that bird. Also an intriguing capture of the reflection in the eye.
Here’s lucking at you, Babe...
Robert V. Santangelo, Jr.(non-registered)
nice! Select focusing is always an enjoyable capture.
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