Panamint Valley in Death Valley National Park

March 29, 2020  •  14 Comments

Panamint Springs, Death Valley National Park, California. Shot March 5, 2020.  Death Valley National Park is the largest National Park outside of Alaska. It covers 3,372,800 acres, and ranges in altitude between 285 feet below sea level to over 10,000 feet above.  It has some of the warmest weather in the country.  Now that I am isolated in my apartment in New York City, I am dreaming of being back in Death Valley. Lots of open space to stay 6 feet away from anyone else, and high temperatures which may kill any virus. Everyone, please stay isolated and stay well.


Thanks Harvey. Boy, all that open space sure looks inviting! Be well!
I love you daddy!!!!
Charles Dexter(non-registered)
A beautiful scene leading off to the distance! So sterile. No, I don't think viruses would do well there either.
Great shot
The four textures make the scene almost palpable.
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