The New Normal

November 15, 2020  •  9 Comments

Life continues in a new way in Central Park,  Carlos plays the guitar in the arcade at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park as he does almost every day.  A passing woman dances to the music. While others walk the dog or continue on their daily chores.  The only difference is EVERYONE is wearing a mask.  STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY


It’s a life to be lived; regardless!! Thanks for reminding us, Harvey. Good work!
Thank you for capturing this unique moment in time. And for all the Central Park moments that we often just walk by without noting. You are a talented artist!
david liu(non-registered)
used to hang out there every sunday (in the late 60s 70s) !
them were the daZe
namaste fr SF
Neil Lawner(non-registered)
Wonderful Street Photography capture of the world we now live in!
Pat Dodds McGuire(non-registered)
Same scene out west: Thin crowds, masks, artists trying to make a living...somehow, and others trying for a little joy by dancing. You captured the essence of this time, Harvey.
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