realistic abstract

January 19, 2020  •  7 Comments

An abstract composed of recognizable items.  To me this is a picture that asks you to study it,  What are the items? Why are they here? When did they arrive? Who put them there?  It reminds me of a messy living room yet a beautiful composition.  I imagine the owner knows exactly where everything is placed.


[email protected](non-registered)
street art is wonderful
Nolan H Rhodes(non-registered)
Interesting shot of trash in someones backyard. Wonderful environmental problem capture....
Very cool, Harvey. It does make me wonder where were you to be looking so directly down.
Benjamin Winkler(non-registered)
It's Amazing the subtle ways parents will manage to say the legendary phrase 'Go clean your room'.
Barney Wong(non-registered)
Wonderful abstract! What comes up for me after studying it are 2 things: the photographer’s composition and point of view, and the subject’s apparent utilization of “living space.” The subject who lives in this picture appears to have arranged things to suit his street lifestyle in that he could have friends over to socialize at the focal point in the lower 2/3 of the photo. The photographer, however, could have staged this composition...or it could be random. Certainly the “clutter” is logically arranged to support a homeless living space. Either way it invites us to ponder the 2 points of view amidst the urban environment.
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