September 17, 2017  •  4 Comments

Shot in Brooklyn, New York, this picture could be anywhere in the world.  Relaxing with a cell phone and a cup of coffee.  A bonus that I did not notice till I downloaded the picture on my computer is the self portrait reflected in the window.  

Canon 5d mark iii, 28-135 kit lens at 80mm, 1/45@f9.5, ISO 400.


Charles Dexter(non-registered)
Very nice! I see the photographer too!
Vicki Eisenberg(non-registered)
Did you ask her if you could take the shot? Or did you just do it?
Gene Brown(non-registered)
Nice shot. It's the mark of a very fine photographer and camera that you could catch this with a kit lens.

When I first moved to Brooklyn Heights, in 1969, you could still smell the coffee that had been stored in this or in a nearby warehouse. It wasn't DUMBO back then, just the declining waterfront. And you would have had film in your camera. And Donald Trump was still a decaade away from buying his first hotel and almost a half-century away from becoming a national menace.
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