monkey see

May 28, 2017  •  4 Comments

This wild monkey was keeping an eye on me but still enjoying the banana that someone tossed to him.  He was not at all afraid of people. Photographed at a Chinese village (The tribe of the three gorges) along the Yangtse River located in the hinterland of Xiling Gorge between the Three Gorges Dam and Gehzouba Dam.


Gene Brown(non-registered)
Wonderful shot! Harvey, It looks like the monkey may have been flirting with you.
Tom Dwyer(non-registered)
Perfect. Can't wait to see some more from both China and Thailand.
bruce allan(non-registered)
Happy we had lunch, looking at some ideas. Please make your blog available for NYPS. Speak with soon
Great portrait! . Can't wait to see the other pictures from Asia. Sounds like a wonderful trip.
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